A step towards SEO Marketing…..

Inbound Marketing : A guide line to SEO.

In my last blog , we had discuss what is Inbound Marketing  thru Info-graphics . Now Outbound Marketing will never be used alone but will always be complemented by Inbound Marketing strategies.

Lets start process of Inbound Marketing.

if you have a very good product or service and you feel it is different from what is available in market than you need to communicate it. so how would you market the same? Lets think from Inbound Marketing strategy.

Step 1:

Making of good website

what would make your product/service get closer to consumer who are looking for your genre of product /service in digital world? That’s right a good website.

A good website is the first stopover of consumer, who will stop at your Landing page , research the service/product you offered and would think of coming back if he likes the experience.

Having a good website  is the first step toward Inbound Marketing.

Please go thru this Info-graphics as this will help you to do your ground work on website making.

26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website

 From Visually

Vast reading content is available on the online forum which helps you to make a proper website.

Ideally I would suggest to look at those websites which are popular and is in direct competition with you.This will help you to understand what are the ingredients they have used to attract visitors . This necessarily does not mean the same will work for you but you will get guidelines on how to proceed.


off-late in many forums on website designing or SEO( we will touch the topic in my next post) you may have read on Responsive design .

Responsive design is how easy a user can  access your website across device.

Just go through this info-graphics and you will come to know why a website needs to be responsive.

Responsive Design


The time spend on vertical screen( mobile/tablet/phablet) is increasing per year and will continue to rise as viewing it provides mobility with ease of accessing. So your website has to respond to current digital trends.

Now lets get the basic of Responsive design.

Responsive Design: Getting It Right - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com

Believe me even if you have hired a agency for designing ,pls keep in active interest in designing user interface part .Many times it happens the agency after taking brief from you designs the best website but doesn’t attract visitors why? This is  because they don’t own the business/service/blog but you do.

To conclude on website/ web-designing ,please keep one thing at top priority  Build a website for user to give them a experience to come back again  and not for search engines .

In my next post we will touch the topic of CMS and search engines.

Happy to receive comments .



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